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As you read this text, we at the Ali Maieri Real Estate Agency are a multiplayer team whose small dreams have each become a single, big dream, and we strive for it every day, so that we can make Relax and reassure yourself for the moment when you are going to make one of the most enjoyable and important decisions of your life

Good Own House Decision!

We all believe in this team that we can help you in this important decision and this way has no end for us, we are going to be better every day so that you can make the best decision in the shortest possible time;

Good decision to be a housewife!

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The issue of buying and selling real estate has long been important to everyone, while the issue of buying and selling is one of the most important legal issues in the Iranian legal system with various regulations in place

Buying property and apartments is both a necessity and a necessity for the business as well as the high demand market for this essential commodity at all times and places, and on the other hand, the arrival of some qualified people. Capital in this area and some brokerages have raised its price and today nobody buys the property

Ali Moayeri Real Estate Consulting Group seeks to explain the issue of the sale and sale of property and apartments in a simple and general language using civil law / judicial procedures


Farmaniye – North ashkestan poor


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